Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Tint My Ride

Got my windows tinted today. Could have gone for a darker degree but I think it looks savage like this.

Its a medium tint 25% all round.. Hopefully it will keep the insides of the car cooler during these summer months!

Tints: Side View

Tints: Driver Side View

Tints: Side/Read View

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Head-Unit relocation update

Went down to E.P. Modification in Shankill yesterday. Had a chat with the owner Ed regading relocation of the new head unit. Discussed what I was planning on doing and also showed him the impereza install picture.

Had a look through a few swatches for the leather covering of the housing. Hopefully I will have a better idea on cost/overall look by the end of the week..

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Using 12V from old Dell Dimension 166 to power M1-ATX and M10000

Driver side view

Desired position of head-unit

Received the new head unit today

KDC-5031 Head Unit

Installing WindowsXP

Via M10000 BIOS

How I powered it up

Via M10000 & M1-ATX in action

Monday, July 11, 2005

What I'm aiming for..

Thursday, July 07, 2005

possible spot for the Kenwood KDC-W5031

centrafuse carputer front end

Monitor Test

Pulled apart dash to see how the screen will look with the surrounding face plate fascia. The bottom part of the fascia replacement will probs have to be cut down to allow the screen to fit snuggly.

new housing

Fascia Replacement Arrived Today

testing fascia replacement

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Golf V Orciari Body Kit

Not too keen on the "corsa from the north side" scoops on the bonnet. Other than that it is a pretty savage kit. Nice 20" OZ Racing wheels also. Nice aggressive look (does it come in black?!)

Orciari Bodykit - mmmmm

Fascia Replacement

Stumbled onto this replacement faceplate. This will come in handy when I eventually get around to replacing the current 2-DIN head unit with the touchscreen monitor. Its goingfor 15euros on ebay. Sellers name is design_4_more

Double Din Fascia Replacement


M1-ATX is an intelligent vehicle ATX power supply. Designed to provide power and to control the ON/OFF switch of a motherboard based on ignition status, M1-ATX is a wide input (6-24V) ATX power supply capable of surviving tough engine cranks (down to 5.7V) as well as transient over-voltage situations.

M1-ATX Intelligent Power Supply Unit

Additional product information:
User Manual
User Guide

Carputer Update

Purchased a new motherboard to be used in my project. Also got an M1-ATX power supply and 512MB Ram.

The VIA EPIA M10000 Mini-ITX Mainboard is the second-generation 17cm x 17cm platform optimized for today's killer digital video and audio applications. In addition to its integrated Nehemiah 1GHz VIA C3 processor, the board features the VIA Apollo CLE266 chipset with embedded MPEG-2 decoder and a new integrated 2D/3D graphics core to ensure smooth DVD playback and a rich overall entertainment experience. With the sizable memory bandwidth of DDR266 SDRAM and the high data transfer speeds of ATA/133, the VIA EPIA M10000 ensures the high performance levels required of today's most popular digital media and productivity applications. The user's digital media experience is further enhanced by support for 5.1 surround sound, courtesy of the onboard VIA VT1616 6 Channel AC'97 codec.

VIA M10000 carputer motherboard